Vacree’s Cryopump Got the Support of National Major Science and Technology Special Project

On July 15th, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China officially approved that Vacree’s cryopump became the national major science and technology special project in 2014. Up to now, this project that Vacree has strived for several years won their victory eventually in the summer of 2014.
Domestic Integrated Circuits Equipment Parts Application Project--the Development of Cryopump and Industrialization Project, belongs to the sub-topic of national major science and technology special project for "Fabrication Equipment and Process Packages for Ultra-large-scale Integrated Circuits". The total approved funds are 36.93 million yuan. Construction time is three years, from 2014 to 2016.
 The approval of the project is only a start of Vacree determining to achieve cryogenic core products domestically independent strategy. Through the implementation of the project, Vacree aims to enhance the R&D and production capacity of cryopump. As for the international mainstream products, we try to substitute them by localization, stepping firmly toward the goal of being an international famous brand of cryogenic industry. 
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