Corporate Industrial Helium Project Was Awarded as the “MIIT Top 10 Recommending Project in 2014”

On December 2nd 2014, the “2014 Technical Transformation Exhibition of Civil-military Integrated Achievement”, hosted by the civil-military integration department of MIIT and Jiangsu Office of the Science and Technology Industry of National Defense, was held in Danyang, Jiangsu province. Totally more than 300 people from the office of scientific & technological industry of national defense, army headquarter office, military industry enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions & affiliated colleges, key civil facility institutions, private-owned enterprises and other relevant organizations attended the conference. Wang Peng, general manager of Vacree attended the conference.  
Exhibition Picture
The “Catalogue of military technology to be transformed as civil technology”, jointly printed by the general office of MIIT and the comprehensive industry bureau of defense-related science & technology, was released in the conference. The catalogue involves various achievements of “transferring military technology to civil use” in different fields, such as electronic information (including the civil industrialization of the Beidou satellite), new material, advanced manufacturing (including power and transmission projects), alternative energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. Vacree project, namely the innovative purification & recycling of industrial waste helium was selected as one of the top 10 recommending projects listed in the “Catalogue of military technology to be transformed as civil technology”. 
The project, known as the innovative purification & recycling of industrial waste helium is Vacree’s successful practice in terms of transferring the military technology of helium purification into civil use. Since 2004, Vacree started to develop a number of helium recycling security system for the military, based on which, Vacree successively developed a quantity of high-purity helium recycling system for the major national projects defined by Chinese Academy of Sciences and gradually become the leading enterprise in China in terms of the extensive application and professional technology. In 2012, Vacree started to spare no efforts in the research of purification and recycling technology of the industrial helium as the countermeasure for the huge waste caused by the yearly sharp increase of direct emission of the industrial helium with no purification or recycling. Finally, tn the beginning of 2014, through continuous experiment & exploration, Vacree successfully developed the first industrial helium recycling system in China. Presently, Vacree are dedicated to studying feasibility, control technology &manufacturing process to construct a complete set of the industrial waste helium purification equipment, and developing the common equipment development platform to boost the industrialization process.
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