Vacree participated in the fourth accelerator vacuum and cryogenic technology seminar

Recently, the fourth accelerator vacuum and cryogenic technology seminar, which was sponsored by Particle Accelerators Society, Accelerator Technical Committee, was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. The seminar aims to provide a platform for the relevant experts andscholars as well as enterprise vendors to learn and discuss the domestic and abroad latest information on the accelerator in a vacuum and cryogenic superconducting areas, so that to promote the development of accelerator vacuumand cryogenic industry. 
Deputy general manager Zhang Xuehua from Vacree attended the seminar and delivered a speech entitled"accelerator cryostat design and production elements," which gave adetailed summary of Vacree's experience in accelerator cryostat design and production. Vacree has being engaged in cryostat design and manufacturing for many years, and successfully developed 4.2K cylindrical liquid helium cryostat,4.2K square liquid helium cryostat, 1.8K superconducting magnet cryostat, 4.2K zero evaporation rate cryogenic superconducting magnet cryostat, etc., and some products have been successfully applied to accelerators. In addition, the development and manufacturing of cryocoolers, cryogenic and vacuum systems, superconducting magnet integration, helium liquefaction, recovery and purification, etc. alsohas great relevance with cryogenic and vacuum requirement of accelerators.Vacree will rely on the existing technology and experience, continuously pursue progress and excellence, and be committed to providing better cryogenic and vacuum products and service for accelerators in China.
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