Helium compressor performance of Vacree has reached the international advanced level

The CP80 and CP120 helium compressor of Vacree were identified being reached the international advanced level recently after the testing of relevant testing organizations and experts. By efficient oil filtering and technology improvement of adsorption purification, The purity of helium that coming outfrom helium compressor is more than 99.99% and reliability is greater than 20,000 hours. The helium compressor can be used as GM refrigerator compressorand be used in industrial helium transfer, cooling, recycling, compression and other areas. Through technical improvement, the helium compressor can achieve precise flow controland lower return-helium pressure (7 ~ 15PSI). So far, Vacree has R&D andproduced the whole product family from helium application, heliumrecovery,helium purification, and helium recycling.
Vacree has being engaged in research of GM refrigerators and helium compressors for more than 30 years, and has acquired mature product technology and rich performance in this field. With the development of science and technology, the range of helium compressor applications will also be wider, and helium compressors will gradually become the basic components in the development of new materials, metal smelting, manufacturing,aerospace and information industry, etc. Based on the industry trends, Vacree will be progressive by continuous technological innovation, improving the product performance and adaptability, provide better and more comprehensive service to customers.
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