Vibrating sample magnetometer cryostat system

The system consists of three parts: high-vacuum heat-insulation thermostat, temperature test chamber and temperature control device with WK-2 precision. With liquid nitrogen as the cold source, it can cool the sample using cold nitrogen flow. It can achieve precise control of any temperature at the temperature range 100K ~ 300K by changing the heating power and coordinating with the temperature control instrument. Once filled with liquid nitrogen, the system can work for 12 hours constantly. It is a complete set in vibration sample magnetometer to measure the physical properties of the tested materials. This system can be used for research of physical properties test of cryogenic physics, magnetism and so on.  
(1) Imported digital PID temperature regulator: intuitionistic and reliable LED digital display, can achieve high precision temperature control. 
(2) Once filled with liquid nitrogen, the system can work for 12 hours constantly. In addition, liquid nitrogen can be also filled during the working process.
(3) Cold nitrogen flow is adjustable, and the temperature test chamber can be customized according to the customers' requirements.

2. Technical specifications

System bare weight


Outline dimensions


Temperature range


Temperature fluctuation


Thermostat capacity

6 Liter

3. Other cryostats
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Vacree provides customized cryostats according to customers’ requirement.

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