Cryogenic chambers

Our company manufactures various types of liquid nitrogen, liquid helium Dewars with wide mouth used in experiments. All Dewars are made of stainless steel and adopt high vacuum, gas-cooled multi-screen super-insulation structure. According to need, the chamber is equipped with operation and safety devices such as forcing valve, fluid-delivery valve, deflation valve, safety valve, inner chamber blasting valve, outer chamber extraction and blasting valve, pressure gauge, etc. Wheels under the bottom of chamber make the transportation easier. The surface of chamber whose volume is smaller than 300L is polished and looks beautiful. The entire container has lots of advantages such as low evaporation rate, easy operation, safety and reliability, beautiful design and so on.
Vacree provides customized cryogenic chambers according to customers’ requirement.
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Our Cryogenic chamber manufacturers has cryogenic systems for sale, and these Cryogenic Applications are from China with high quality and exported to the foreign countries.

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