Quadrate polyurethane heat-insulated Dewar

Compared with the conventional cryogenic treatment instrument, the system adopts new structure design, combined with vacuum insulated pipelines, has the following features: reasonable structure, small heat leakage of cryogenic treatment instrument and low liquid nitrogen loss, square cryogenic tank contains two cold source entering methods (soaking and spray), the leaked gas of cryogenic valve tightness test is recovered and recycled to use; in addition, the entire cryogenic processing system adopts PLC console control system, which make man-machine dialogue come true, greatly improved the past tedious manual processes, and make the entire valve cryogenic treatment and experimental work become simple, efficient and safe.
Adopting polyurethane foam insulation method, having strong dent resistance of Dewar and reasonable structure, the system is primarily used for cryogenic treatment to eliminate the residual stress of some metal material and products with big volume and heavy weight. 

The cryogenic tank has the following five models:
• XXL: 3600x3000x3000x300 (length x width x height x thickness of heat-insulated layer  unit: mm)
• XL:  2500x2100x2000x250
• L:   1900x1600x1550x200
• M:  1050x850x925x125
• S:   750x550x600x125
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