The CP80 and CP120 helium compressor of Vacree were identified being reached the international advanced level recently after the testing of relevant testing organizations and experts...
Release Date:14-12-16
Recently, the fourth accelerator vacuum and cryogenic technology seminar, which was sponsored by Particle Accelerators Society, Accelerator Technical Committee, was held in Wuxi, Jia...
Release Date:14-12-08
On December 2nd 2014, the “2014 Technical Transformation Exhibition of Civil-military Integrated Achievement”, hosted by the civil-military integration department of MIIT and Jiang...
Release Date:14-12-02
Recently, Vacree helium industrialization team went to Nanjing to attend the “China International Gas Separation, Purification & Recycling Technology Exhibition” which was ...
Release Date:14-10-09
On July 15th, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China officially approved that Vacree’s cryopump became the national major science and technology special project in 2014. Up...
Release Date:14-08-11
Vacree company developed successfully China’s first industrial helium recycling equipment in 2014. The successful development of the system fueled a broadcast media frenzy. Anhui Ne...
Release Date:14-07-18
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